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EVENTS: SIR RICHARD BRANSON CONFIRMED FOR CREATING CLIMATE WEALTH WORKSHOPS, SINGAPORE, MAY 13 2013.“Climate Change is the biggest wealth creating opportunity of our generation” Sir Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Carbon War Room, will open the inaugural Creating Climate Wealth Workshops Summit on May 13 at the National University, Singapore Creating Climate Wealth (CCW) is a global convening mechanism designed for entrepreneurs, innovators, capital providers, industry leaders and experts. It aims to identify profitable opportunities that climate change offers across diverse industry sectors. Whereas other green conferences and events have typically initiated ‘calls to action’ and white papers, our end goal at Carbon War Room is to elevate theory into practice. CCW Workshop Summits: Are Carbon War Room’s global flagship events. Each Summit is a standalone two-day workshop with 5-8 different industry tracks, and a unique mix of 250-300 select delegates. The inclusive format is designed to ensure that your voice is heard and solutions are found.
“CCW brings together key change makers from different industries to discuss current challenges and develop outcomes which can effectively move capital forward.”Joern Scheller, Director, Credit Solutions Group – Shipping, Deutsche Bank AG
WHAT DO I GETAt CCW Singapore, participants identify and analyze the most pressing barriers to green market growth in their industries, and develop solutions for overcoming these barriers. Although CCWs consider complex issues, the resolutions they generate are concrete, actionable and ultimately capable of accelerating, deploying and exploiting clean technology.Day One:• Groups will be asked to identify the challenges facing their individual industries• Ideas for overcoming problems are brainstormed.Day Two:• Groups take their most robust ideas and pitch them – Dragon’s Den style - to our exclusive panel of industry experts and innovators.• Approved ideas are taken forward and developed into actionable solutions published after the event.Beyond the Event:• Actionable solutions are taken forward either autonomously by companies or with the Carbon War Room, depending the potential scale of impact of the solution. WORKING TRACKS. Maritime Shipping, Energy Efficiency in the built Environment, Machine to Machine, Technologies, WasteCement
ABOUT THE CARBON WAR ROOMCurrently, the world has the technology and policy in place to tackle 50% of the climate challenge: The job at hand now is how to shift existing capital to all entrepreneurial solutions that are profitable today. To do this, we must remove the market barriers that are currently stopping the successful scaling of these technologies globally.Carbon War Room takes a global, sector-based approach. We are dedicated to breaking down industry market barriers, and get money flowing towards low-carbon opportunities. The Carbon War Room divides the climate change challenge into 7 sectors and 17 sub-sectors each containing the potential for massive C02 reductions, which are achievable via profitable business opportunities. Across these sectors, the War Room’s current Operations include: Maritime Shipping Efficiency, Green Capital, Renewable Jet Fuels, Smart Island Economies, and Trucking Efficiency.For more information GLOBAL INITIATIVESGlobal Initiatives promotes partnership solutions to global challenges through film, international events and media projects. By sharing knowledge and best practices, and calling on all stakeholders to take action, we address some of the greatest challenges facing the world. Our initiatives are about partnership, inspiration and creating a better future. Established in Singapore in 2005, Global Initiatives produces international events and television programming in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our producers, writers, designers and directors are based in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Jakarta.For more information