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CWR NEWS BULLETIN:  Reduce Your Building Energy Consumption by 20% at Zero Cost - Technology Guide Published  “We found that there is a tremendous opportunity to make savings in excess of 20% without having to strain balance sheets and source upfront capital.”  Murat Armbruster, Senior Advisor, Carbon War Room
In recent years, there has been a proliferation of policy measures intended to require energy efficiency disclosures and benchmarking in regions as disparate as U.S., the European Union, Brazil, China and Australia.  Yet, commercial building energy efficiency projects are miniscule in comparison to their potential.   How do you take advantage of this largely untapped market given that commercial buildings spend 30% of their operating budgets on energy costs: a number set only to increase as energy demand and costs rise in the next few decades.   If you are a commercial building owner with little expertise in efficiency technologies, how do you decide whether to benchmark, create an audit, conduct a retro-commissioning study, or implement optimization? Carbon War Room’s Green Capital Operation answers these questions with their latest publication: “Improving Building Performance: Reduce Energy Consumption by 20% with Little or No Cost: A Guide to Energy Efficiency Technologies”, released today.   The publication is an energy efficiency technology guide intended to provide commercial, industrial, and municipal building owners with tips to implement the latest technology measures. While many solutions generate positive cash flow immediately, the value proposition for many technologies is widely unknown.  This guide simplifies and surfaces best-in-class modern low/no-cost technologies that can achieve 20%+ energy savings including: • Benchmarking • Auditing • Retro and Continuous Commissioning • Optimization • Measurement and Verification Best-in-class modern technologies included in the publication were provided for review by SCI Energy, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Retroficiency, Building Energy, Lucid, First Fuel, Viridity, and Building IQ
“We believe that in order to achieve the deep energy savings, building owners need to first understand holistically what is happening in their buildings.  This guide is a powerful tool that can help a building owner save money with no upfront costs” Steve Gossett, CEO SCI Energy   Take Action:   Do you want to learn more about these and other technologies? Join our discussion on Linkedin today:
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