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NEWS  BULLETIN CCW Magazine Spring 2012:  Who’s leading the  renewable jet fuel race?. In the next five years, companies could be producing enough renewable fuel to replace 10-20% of fuel of a mid-sized airline”  Suzanne Hunt, Operations Lead, Carbon War Room
In the spring issue, we look at more emerging markets in clean energy and technology: Energy Access & Livestock intensification  We ask whether 1.4 billion people who lack basic energy access will become the next untapped market for energy providers, and explain how the telecom industry holds the key. In sustainable agriculture, we examine the potential for improved land practices on Brazil’s cattle ranches, reducing deforestation and promoting the greener production of beef and leather. Renewable jet fuels As part of a major push to help overcome barriers to a thriving renewable jet fuels market, we take an in-depth look at the War Room’s new operation and the launch of – an online resource for investors and fuel buyers that provides impartial data on products, technologies, locations and production capacity. Creating Climate Wealth talks to the people behind the site about their hopes for a bright future for renewable aviation fuel and the entrepreneurs bringing alternatives to fossil fuels to market, and we set out the top ten companies to watch in the renewable jet fuels sphere. Japan – Moving towards  ‘new’ renewables The second part of Deutsche Bank’s analysis of Japan’s possible path to greener energy following last year’s tsunami reveals the opportunities for investors evolving alongside the shift away from nuclear power. Deals & trends And finally, in collaboration with our new partner, Clean Energy pipeline , we bring you a round-up of the biggest transactions in clean technology
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About the Carbon War Room. The Carbon War Room is an independent non-profit that harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock profitable gigaton-scale solutions to climate change. Almost all the climate change solutions we need to meet 2020 targets are technically available today. Many of these solutions are profitable right now under existing policy and technology conditions. The War Room seeks to accelerate the flow of capital to entrepreneurial solutions that make economic sense right now