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News  Bulletin Creating climate wealth north america  -  actions plans launched today "We have decided to award $20,000 to accelerate work in the trucking working track. Congratulations to the group – the executive team reached consensus  in support for trucking," José maria figueres president - carbon war room
On behalf of the Carbon War Room, I’d like to open  with a huge thank you for those participating in what was an amazing two days in Washington DC. We hope the summit provided you with valuable insight into gigaton-scale carbon emissions reductions; and provide you new models, ideas and partnerships to propel wealth creation at the same time. In the month since the summit, the team has been busy making sense of all the flipcharts, PowerPoints (and even working websites and a couple of truckers’ caps found once the delegates had left!). Each working track’s write-up has been reviewed by the Chair(s) and in many cases some of you. We are now pleased to announce the publication of the Summit Summary and Action Plans which is now available for download from our website as of today. We would be very grateful for feedback and please join the conversation on LinkedIn. Working Tracks Regarding our active operations, we have continued to drive forward with our teams in Energy Efficiency and Aviation; in Research & Intelligence and Network Engagement, we continue to explore new opportunities. We also wanted to let you know which of the emerging tracks won our starter fund money. We have decided to award the $20,000 to accelerate work in the Trucking working track. Congratulations to the group – the executive team reached consensus in support for Trucking when the criteria below was considered:
Assessment Criteria ∞  Are the opportunities presented profitable and at gigaton-scale? ∞  Have the market failures been identified and does solving them play to our unique assets? ∞  Do we see a strong chance of catalytic verifiable success? ∞  Do we feel the time is ripe for this project, and is there internal & external appetite to get started? ∞  Would the $20k invested be cost-effective? Next Steps Going forward, we will now be investing resources in the trucking sector to: ∞  Enlist interim project leader to scope out a potential operation in more detail ∞  Disseminate research on the efficiency potential of the Information Communications Technologies in the Trucking sector and fuel use in North America ∞  Hold targeted convenings in both North America and UK to refine the action plan with all the CCW delegates While this means that our limited starter-fund pot is now committed for the time being, it does not mean that we halt effort in pursuing other promising areas. We are planning an important convening in Rio around Livestock with  both local and international partners; and continuing to work out how we can add value in support of entrepreneurial efforts in Energy Access and the Carbon Negative Economy.
Follow Up We look forward to hearing from you regarding any further progress on the Action Plans and any deals consummated since the event. To that end, an invite to drinks in DC will follow shortly – looking forward to seeing you there. For those who would like to join us for the remaining 2012 CCW Summits in Germany (September), UK (October),and Singapore (November), please check the CCW website for more. By attending the CCW Summit, please now consider yourself a friend and member of the Carbon War room. Check out CCW e-Magazine and stay engaged with your fellow participants through our linked in platform on the website.  Thank you again for your participation in CCW. We look forward to your continued involvement going forward and wish you all the best. Kind regards,  José Maria Figueres President - Carbon War Room
About the Carbon War Room. The Carbon War Room is an independent non-profit that harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock profitable gigaton-scale solutions to climate change. Almost all the climate change solutions we need to meet 2020 targets are technically available today. Many of these solutions are profitable right now under existing policy and technology conditions. The War Room seeks to accelerate the flow of capital to entrepreneurial solutions that make economic sense right now