Exhibition & Conferences



To drive their mission forward with real, substantial change within targeted markets and operations - CWR bring together executives, investors, academics, entrepreneurs, and public sector representatives at regular global conferences.  

For these conferences, GPD produced a full spectrum of design deliverables that enabled and facilitated the smooth running of their international events.

Client Carbon War Room

Event Publicity - Sponsorship brochures, Delegate brochures, eBulletins, Print Flyers, Leaflets

Delegate Information - Pre Reads, Post Reads, Event Programs, PPT’s and holding slides

Event Materials - Signage (from cloakroom to working track signage etc.), Backdrops (registration area, main stage, reception, info points etc.), Logo’s (event logo, working tracks etc.), Banners (venue entrance, stand-up, wall mounted etc.)

Event Promotional E-Bulletins

Event PPT

Banners and signage

event brochures, pre/post reads