Tablet & Mobile Publishing


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Developing clients content from new, or evolving printed materials for digital publishing. Producing digital apps which provide engaging, rich media experiences. Utilising tablet features such as beautiful rendering of high resolution images - animation, video, audio, panorama’s and multi state objects - building interactive elements which engage, delight and entertain viewers- boosting learning and information retention.

Segmented content published to authorised groups with entitlement signing - enterprise publishing!

Built utilising a fully device responsive HTML framework - publish across desktop, tablet and phone in both portrait and landscape

Branded digital content that amplifies your corporate or educational message

Self Publish your content

Increased your (Global) distribution

Content delivered across multiple platforms - iOS, Android and Kindle devices

Always available for download/distribution

Available offline to view content

Lower environmental impact

Lower production/economic barriers to publish your content

Easy Linking to websites

Integration of your social media

Full Google Analytics provide tracking of browsing, interacting and sharing behaviours - producing useful statistics for the purpose of evolving, developing and evaluating your content and app.

Clients: Carbon War Room, Westfield, Leonard Design Architects.

Deliverables: Internal Comms Publications with entitlement. Public publications available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for both iOS and Android tablets and phones.