Internal Comms Mobile App

Westfield - Design & Construction


An Internal Communications mobile app for Westfield Europe’s - Design & Construction Department 

GPD’s been working with Westfield - designing, developing and publishing their ‘Design & Construction Update’ - internal communications app - for a number of years.

Now on it’s 3rd issue - GPD has now transferred the mobile app onto the latest article based publishing platform, with a content authoring tool that can be accessed anywhere, and at anytime, by the client, over the web.

Together with it’s content management system (CMS) and entitlements facility, Westfield now have full control - maintaining and updating the content and user access of their app moving forward. 

Delivering to Westfield an extremely versatile and flexible communications tool with which to engage, align and deliver their messaging, both internally to their workforce, and also externally, to entitled key stakeholders.